How often should I change filters?

Filters for the vacuum massages should be replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions. For devices ICOON recommends to replace the filter every 50 working hours. For appliances Cellu M6 KeyModule the manufacturer specifies 40 working hours. Frequently asked information is also right at the filter slot. Some filters for older devices require periodic dusting with a vacuum cleaner (ex. Cellu M6 IP/ST). When the machine is not used very frequently, we recommend replacing the filter once every year.

Why does my vacuum massage machine have such weak suction?

The most common cause of weak suction comes from clogged filters restricting air flow in the device. We recommend you check the filters and replace them when necessary, if that does not resolve the problem we recommend you order a inspection with us to service the machine.

Is it necessary to inspect the device?

Inspecting and cleaning the equipment can help extend their lifetimes and keep them properly working for years to come. When we service the devices, we review the wear of key components of the device. Often procrastination of inspection is one of the leading causes of defects and significant repair costs.

How often do I need to replace the seal rolls (also known as flaps)?

Seals rollers provide a seal during the vacuum massage treatments and impact its effectiveness. The rollers must be replaced every 100 working hours or when you see significant signs of wear and tear (such as scratches). Remember to clean the flaps after every procedure to ensure they work flawlessly until the hundredth hour.

We have a cracked lense piece on the Keymodule. Can it be glued back?

We don't advice gluing it back as it doesn’t give the proper strength back to the lens as it is subject to mild stress during treatment. We offer exchange pieces that are equally in high quality.

The overlay (module) to the head is leaking, can I seal this?

The internal walls of the overlay Keymodule must be smooth and fit the width of the roll to ensure it is tight during surgery. Worn castings cannot be sealed again since it is not possible for them to achieve this level of tightness. We offer a replacement head overlay as a remedy to this issue.

While performing a vacuum massage operation I felt the vacuum pulsing. How can I fix this?

The pulsing during treatment can result from the "vacuum control module" in the valve terminal. We have the capability thanks to our knowledge and necessary components to diagnose and repair this type of damage.

Our patients say the device for the vacuum massage is to weak at full power. Is it possible to increase the suction strength of the pump?

Suction power is determined by the manufacturer and cannot be increased. If you feel the suction is too weak, feel free to ask for an assessment of the device. Our technician will measure the strength of the suction from the vacuum machine and compare it to default levels. Patients may feel the suction is low subjectively when, in fact, the device is operating normally.

There is a leak from the hose to the head, how can I seal it?

The hoses in the equipment for vacuum massage during treatments are torsioned and tensioned, they must therefore withstand a lot of pressure. Sealing a torn hose can cause further damage to the device (ie. Breaking the electrical connection) we recommend replacing the hose by one of our technicians or having us check for leaks and give a guarantee of service.