1. Which technology can I be trained in your company?

We specialize in providing training in the field of cosmetic services facilities and the treatments vacuum massage, oxygen infusion, needle-free mesotherapy, ultrasonic and electrocoagulation closing capillaries, removal of stains, fibroids, individual hairs.

2. Where the cosmetic training takes place?

STraining can take place in our headquarter or in your office.

3. How long is the cosmetic training?

The time depends of technology which we perform massage:

  • Massage vacuum - 5 hours
  • Oxygen infusion - 3 hours
  • Ultrasonic - 3 hours
  • needle-free mesotherapy - 3 hours
  • electrocoagulation closing capillaries, removal of stains, fibroids, individual hairs - 4 hours

4. How looks training plan?

The plan consists of two parts: the first concerns the theoretical schemes and principles of technology, indications / contraindications for surgery, discuss techniques and protocols for treatment. While the practical part covers the maintenance apparatus, service, maintenance equipment, diagnosis and selection of treatment parameters, as well as the technique of performing surgery - demonstration and exercise.

5. Do you need training for someone who already performing treatments on the device for vacuum massage?

Training is not dedicated only for people starting work in the beauty industry, but also people who want to improve their professional qualifications. The vacuum massage you should make regular training, because doctors change the movements and patterns of treatment which allows a better therapeutic results.

6. What include the price of a training?

We provide participants with lecture halls and training, teaching materials, costumes for vacuum massage, preparations treatment and completion certificates.

7. Why is it worth to be trained?

Today's cosmetics industry is highly developed and offers many advanced technologies. In this connection it is worth to raise professional qualifications to improve opportunities in the cosmetics market. With our training you will broaden your theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

8. Do I need a special education before I can use medical devices?

There aren’t any legal terms forbidding doing that. Certainly it is easier for doctors cosmetologist or physiotherapist to learn but it is not necessary.